Elasticsearch Curator Python API

The Elasticsearch Curator Python API helps you manage your indices and snapshots.


This documentation is for the Elasticsearch Curator Python API. Documentation for the Elasticsearch Curator CLI – which uses this API and is installed as an entry_point as part of the package – is available in the Elastic guide.


The Elasticsearch Curator Python API is compatible with Elasticsearch version 7.x, and supports Python versions 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11 officially.


Install the elasticsearch-curator package with pip:

pip install elasticsearch-curator==7.0

Example Usage

import elasticsearch
import curator

client = elasticsearch.Elasticsearch()

ilo = curator.IndexList(client)
ilo.filter_by_regex(kind='prefix', value='logstash-')
ilo.filter_by_age(source='name', direction='older', timestring='%Y.%m.%d', unit='days', unit_count=30)
delete_indices = curator.DeleteIndices(ilo)


See more examples in the Examples page.


The API methods fall into the following categories:


The Elasticsearch Curator Python API uses the standard logging library from Python. It inherits two loggers from elasticsearch-py: elasticsearch and elasticsearch.trace. Clients use the elasticsearch logger to log standard activity, depending on the log level. The elasticsearch.trace logger logs requests to the server in JSON format as pretty-printed curl commands that you can execute from the command line. The elasticsearch.trace logger is not inherited from the base logger and must be activated separately.



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